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Copper core PCB is a metal core PCB that uses copper as the base material in place of commonly used FR4. Like all metal core PCBs, Copper clad PCB also has three main layers.
The top layer is made of copper, which is responsible for the electrical connection between the components. This layer is standard in all types of PCBs.
The second layer is the dielectric layer that prevents current from the top layer to the base layer. Although this layer is electrically an insulator, it is a good conductor of heat. It transfers the heat produced by the components and helps in heat dissipation. The bottom layer of the PCB is copper, which is why it is a copper core PCB.
Copper-based PCB has a relatively long service life due to its intense heat dissipation and thermal conductivity. Therefore, they are commonly used in areas with high requirements such as automotive lights, crewless aircraft, and industrial
and mining lights.


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