title icon12L Aluminum Core PCB with 3Wm.K from Best Tech in Chinatitle icon2

Different with Single layer MCPCB, 2 layers MCPCB requires an additional pressing step to laminate the imaged thermal conductive laminate and metal core together. Compared with normal FR4, 2L Aluminum clad PCB need more technology and experience on laminating of two layers together with metal core.
While more expensive and less efficient at transferring heat as a single layer designs, they provide a simple and effective solution for heat dissipation in more complex designs.
We can improve the durability and performance of your product by using aluminum boards. Simple designs and low thermal impedance of the dielectric out performs all other printed circuit board insulators for power and high-operating temperature components. The relatively low cost versus copper and the ability to have a lightweight material with excellent durability are the biggest reasons aluminum is used for these applications.


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