title icon13.0mm ENIG Double sided Aluminum Core PCB made by Best Technologytitle icon2

Aluminum based PCB transfer heat 8 to 9 times faster than FR4 PCBs. These metal core laminates keep the heat-generating components cooler by dissipating heat at a faster rate. The dielectric material is kept as thin as possible so that it creates the shortest path from the heat source to the metal backing plate. This assists in quicker heat dissipation. The dielectric material thickness will usually be in the range of 0.003’’ to 0.006’’.
Double sided metal Core PCB feature an extra layer of conductor, where more tracks can be added, these tracks will help connect components on both sides. With freed up space, designers can do lot of experimentations. This design flexibility allows our designers to meet rigorous requirements of customized PCBs.


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