title icon1Double sided Aluminum Core PCB with 2OZ Cu made by Best Techtitle icon2

Many double sided CEM3 or FR4 PCBs with high power and density face difficulties in heat dissipation. The CEM3 or FR4 material have weak thermal conductivity, which means the electronic components are destroyed at high temperatures. However, double sided metal core circuit boards feature a metal core, which has an excellent inter-layer insulation and thermal conductivity. Both these factors contribute to Aluminum based PCB’s reliable performance at high temperature.Thermal expansion and contraction is an important feature of all objects. The ability to contract with cold, and expand with heat is termed as coefficient of thermal expansion. Most FR4 PCBs have low CTE, which means they cannot effectively deal with issues of contraction and expansion. Double sided Aluminum clad PCB can effectively deal with thermal expansibility.


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