title icon13.0mm Four Layers Aluminum Core PCB with 3W made by Best Technologytitle icon2

Four Layers Aluminum based PCB have four separate copper layers that can be used for routing and power, whereas two layers only have two copper layers. Therefore, the first and most obvious advantage of Aluminum Core PCB is that there are two additional routing layers for signals, which allows for reduced PCB sizes as well as the ease of integrating complex devices. Materials with high heat dissipation save components from overheating, and damage, and a metal core PCB or Aluminum core PCB could be the right choice since it essentially acts as one big heat sink. In addition to the thermal management advantages of Aluminum PCBs, there is the dimensional stability, strength, and durability that they have.
Also, metal core PCBs offer superior EMI shielding, thereby making Aluminum clad PCB an ideal choice in a setting where there is electrical interference or noise.


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