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Quality Policy of Best FPC

Quality is the vital! We have a very good warranty policy to guarantee against any potential imperfections of flexible circuits & flex printed circuits (FPC). The Quality Policy is established and structured to provide ISO 9001:2000 compliant quality management. Our quality management system is designed to provide satisfaction for our customers with defect-free products that conform to their requirements and are delivered on time.

Best FPC is committed to quality and the achievement of excellence throughout all company activities. All of our factories are strictly follow the operation procedures stipulated in ISO9001:2000 in respect to material purchasing, product manufacturing, testing, packing, marketing, etc. For example, during the production of FPC all the garments must be checked piece by piece under strict on-site and final quality control. Click here to view our Test equipments.

Enviroment Policy

Best FPC will build perfectly environment friendly and safe company who focused on mankind and will provide optimized plant and the best “Green Products” which can satisfy all employees, customers, and the community through continuous improvement action about environment and safety. All of our FPC areRoHS compliant, click here fore more information about RoHS.


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