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Flexible Circuit Production Capability

We list out our usual material and technological specification of Flexible Circuits & flex printed circuits (FPC) at the belowing table. Also you can view the facility tolerance of circuits.

If you would like some specail material, tighter tolerance or other requirements of flexible PCB (flex circuit board), you can Contact our stuff directly, we are at your service at anytime.

List of Flexible Circuit Manufacturing Capacity

Parameter (mm)

Polyimide (PI)


Laminate Thickness0.025 / 0.050/ 0.125/ 0.1750.025 / 0.050/ 0.075
Copper Foil0.018,0.035,0.0700.035,0.070
Min Pattern width/Space0.075(3 mil)0.075(3 mil)
Min. Drilled Hole SizeNon-Plated Thru0.25mm ( .010" ); Tolerance +/-.0386mm( .0015")
Plated Thru

0.25mm ( .010" ); Tolerance +/-.076mm( .0030")

Outlines Dimension+/- 0.05mm+/- 0.05mm

Peeling Strength(180°Direction)

>1.2kgf / cm>1.2kgf / cm
Solder Hent Resistance280℃ / 10secs280℃ / 10secs
Surface TreatmentNi/Au2~5μm2~5μm
Au(Electro/Immersion)0.03 ~0.1μm0.03 ~0.1μm
Sn/Pb (Lead Free)3~ 20μm3~ 20μm
Sn-Cu Plating (Lead Free)3~ 5μm3~ 5μm
Tin Plating (Pure Sn)5 ~ 8μm5 ~ 8μm
Bending flexibilityMeet to IPC Criterion
Chemical ResistanceMeet to IPC Criterion

We are continued to improve our MCPCBFR4 PCB & Ceramic PCB manufacturing level to get satisfactory result from customers and ourselves. Currently our monthy productivity is 260,000 square feet (28,900 square meter), more than 100 different boards will be completed. We calso provide fast service, and urgent boards can be shipped out within 24 hours! For more information , please click here for lead time...

Follows are basic PCB production cabability, but we are not limited by that. If you would like some specail material, tighter tolerance or other requirements, you can Contact our stuff directly, we are going to answer any questions of MCPCBFR4 PCB & Ceramic PCB at anytime.

Ceramic PCB
Max Layer Count32 Layer10 LayersThick Film: 10L; DCB: 2L
Min Board Thickness5.5 mil (0.13mm) (2 L)12 mil (0.3mm)Thick Film: 10 mil (0.25mm)
DCB: 12mil (0.30mm)
6.7 mil (0.17mm) (2 L)24 mil (0.6mm)Thick Film: 11mil (0.28mm)
DCB: 16mil (0.40mm)
16 mil (0.4mm) (4 L)40 mil (1.0mm)13.5 mil (0.34mm)
24 mil (0.6mm) (6 L)48 mil (1.2mm)28 mil (0.46mm)
32 mil (0.8mm) (8 L)62 mil (1.6mm)32 mil (0.81mm)
40 mil (1.2mm) (10 L)79 mil (2.0mm)60 mil (1.50mm)
Max Board Thickness2L: 236mil (6mm)
≥4L: 315mil (8mm)
157 mil (4.0mm)Thick Film: 1.5mm
DCB: 1L: 1.3mm; 2L 1.6mm
Max Board Dimension24*24" (610*610mm) 4*51"(100*1,300mm)24*64"(610*1,625mm)Thick Film: 200*200mm
DCB: 138*178mm
Max Conductor Thickness20 OZ (27.56mm)10 OZ (14mil)Thick Film: 13um (0.51mil)
DCB: 8.6OZ (12mil)
Min Conductor Thickness1/2 OZ (0.7 mil)Thick Film: 10um (0.39mil)
DCB:3.9 OZ (4mil)
Min Trace Width/SpaceNormal: 4/4 mi
HDI: 2/2 mil
6/6 mil (0.15/0.15mm)Thick Film: 6/8mil (0.15/0.2mm)
DCB: 12/12mil (0.3/0.30mm)
Min Hole DiameterNormal: 8 mil (0.2mm) ;
HDI: 4mil (0.1mm)
12 mil (0.3mm)4mil (0.1mm)
Min Punch Hole Dia0.1" (2.5mm)0.12" (3.0mm)N/M
Min Hole Spacing12 mil (0.3mm)16 mil (0.4mm)NPTH: 16mil (0.30mm)
PTH: 20mil (0.5mm)
Max Aspect Ratio8:112:18:1
Min Solder PAD DiaHDI: 10 mil (0.25mm)
Normal: 14mil (0.35mm)
14mil (0.35mm)10mil (0.25mm)
Min PAD Ring(Single)3mil (0.075mm)
6mil (0.15mm)
8mil (0.2mm)
PTH Wall Thickness0.48mil (12 um) for HDI;
0.59mil (15um) for normal
Thick Film: 10um
DCB: Not Available
PTH Dia Tolerance± 3 mil (0.075mm)± 4 mil (0.1mm)
NPTH Dia Tolerance±2 mil (0.05mm)± 2 mil (0.05mm)± 2 mil (0.05mm)
Hole Position±2 mil (0.05mm)±3 mil (0.075mm)±4 mil (0.1mm)
Outline ToleranceCNC: ± 6 mil (0.15mm)CNC: ± 6 mil (015mm)Laser: +0.2/0.05mm
Die Punch: ± 4 mil (0.1mm)Die Punch: ± 6 mil (0.15mm)Die Punch: +0.25/0.20mm
Min Soldermask BridgeHDI: 6 mil (0.15mm);
Normal: 8mil (0.2mm)
8 mil (0.20mm)2 mil (0.3mm)
Min BAG PAD Margin5 mil (0.125mm)

12 mil (0.3mm)

Impedance ControlledValue>50 ohm: ± 10%
Value≤50 Ohm: ± 5 Ohm


Thermal Conductivity
(W/m.K, or W/m.C)
0.30-0.45Normal: 0.8~1.0, 1.5
High: 2.0, 3.0
Al2O3: >= 24 W/C-K
AIN: >=170 W/C-K
Dielectric Strength> 1.3 KV /mm>1.5 Kv (L/S >1.5mm);
>3.0 Kv (L/S >3.0mm)
>15 KV/mm
Wrap & Twist≤ 0.75%≤ 3%
Thermal Stress3 x 10 Sec @ 280 ℃
Surface TreatmentENIG, Flash Gold, Hard Gold Finger, Gold Plating(50mil), Gold finger, Selected Gold plating,ENEPIG, ENIPIG;
HAL, HASL(LF), OSP, Silver Imm., Tin Imm
Thick Film: AgPd, AuPd, Mn/Ni
DCB: Ni plating, ENIG

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