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Single-sided ceramic PCB(96%Al2O3)1mm

3 NPTH (diameter: 3.175mm)

Gold plating thickness: 0.075 (3u”)

Copper thickness: 3OZ(0.1mm)

Soldmask color: White or others

Silkscreen: Black

  • Specifications
Items Ceramic PCB Capability
Max Layer Count Thick Film: 10L; DCB: 2L
Min Board Thickness Thick Film: 10 mil (0.25mm)
DCB: 12mil (0.30mm)
Thick Film: 11mil (0.28mm)
DCB: 16mil (0.40mm)
13.5 mil (0.34mm)
28 mil (0.46mm)
32 mil (0.81mm)
60 mil (1.50mm)
Max Board Thickness Thick Film: 1.5mm
DCB: 1L: 1.3mm; 2L 1.6mm
Max Board Dimension Thick Film: 200*200mm
DCB: 138*178mm
Max Conductor Thickness Thick Film: 13um (0.51mil)
DCB: 8.6OZ (12mil)
Min Conductor Thickness Thick Film: 10um (0.39mil)
DCB:3.9 OZ (4mil)
Min Trace Width/Space Thick Film: 6/8mil (0.15/0.2mm) 
DCB: 12/12mil (0.3/0.30mm)
Min Hole Diameter 4mil (0.1mm)
Min Hole Spacing NPTH: 16mil (0.30mm)
PTH: 20mil (0.5mm)
Max Aspect Ratio 8:01
Min Solder PAD Dia 10mil (0.25mm)
Min PAD Ring(Single) 6mil(0.15mm)
PTH Wall Thickness Thick Film: 10um
DCB: Not Available
PTH Dia Tolerance ± 4 mil (0.1mm)
NPTH Dia Tolerance ± 2 mil (0.05mm)
Hole Position ±4 mil (0.1mm)
Outline Tolerance Laser: +0.2/0.05mm
Die Punch: +0.25/0.20mm
Min Soldermask Bridge 2 mil (0.3mm)
Min BAG PAD Margin 12 mil (0.3mm)
Thermal Conductivity Al2O3: >= 24 W/C-K 
(W/m.K, or W/m.C)  AIN: >=170 W/C-K
Dielectric Strength >15 KV/mm
Wrap & Twist ≤ 3%
Flammability 94V-0
Thermal Stress 3 x 10 Sec @ 280 ℃
Surface Treatment Thick Film: AgPd, AuPd, Mn/Ni 
DCB: Ni plating, ENIG
Ceramic PCB

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